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Archive for January 2019

Whitening your teeth will greatly improve your overall appearance and give your self-esteem a massive boost. Not only does a dazzling white set of teeth have a healthy and sturdy appearance, but it also suggests that you really do care for your teeth. 

A variety of home kits for teeth whitening are available in the market. One may consider them a cheaper and quite convenient option. However, it's good to note that it's sometimes risky trying to whiten your teeth at home by yourself. Such chemical based treatments are better and safer when used under the supervision of a professional. 

Among the numerous benefits of consulting a professional teeth whitening service, here are five that you should consider.

1. Quick and Effective Treatment

We might be tempted to hand out a significant amount of cash for some DIY teeth whitening kits. However, the results from using these kit are usually not impressive. 

Home-based teeth whitening kits typically comprise special teeth whitening treatments, gels, strips, rinses and mouth guard trays. But you will need to continue using them for a long time before you can achieve any significant whitening result. The results are most times unpredictable.

Professional teeth whitening service from a dentist offers quick and effective treatment. You are guaranteed to get excellent results plus a quick observable change in the color of your teeth.

2. Removal Of Deep Stains

Most DIY teeth whitening kits cannot remove deep and stubborn stains. However, with professional services, you have access to several teeth whitening techniques that will efficiently remove deep stubborn stains. Such treatments include light and laser whitening techniques. These techniques produce great whitening effects that are easily noticeable. 

3. Skilled Application

A major problem with DIY teeth whitening kits is that they are prone to user error. Every brand has a unique instruction set for each of the different types of home-based kit that they produce. Failure to accurately follow these guidelines may result in less than desirable results. You may get an unevenly finished result or even experience pain and discomfort. 

Professional whitening services, on the other hand, will first determine the best treatment for you. A dentist will identify problem areas and sensitive spots in order to ensure efficient and painless treatment.

4. Complete Oral Check-Up

When you visit a dentist to whiten your teeth, he will run a complete oral health examination to determine the true cause of stains on your teeth and extent of the damage. This is an opportunity for an all-round oral check-up. Since you may not be aware of brewing oral health issues in your gums or tooth enamel, a dentist will quickly inform you of any potential problems that may soon spring up.

5. Customized Services

The results from using home whitening kits that are already available in the market often vary. Because of our uniquely different teeth, you can never be too sure if a DIY teeth whitening treatment will work for you as described. However, a dentist will not rely on generic products to whiten your teeth. 

When you use a professional, you can be sure of getting personalized teeth whitening services that are tailored to your own teeth and unique circumstances. Professional teeth whitening services factor in past or present issues of oral health plus any specific requirements and expectations you may have.

You can depend on experienced dentists from Dr. David Craig & Associates to give you professional in-office teeth whitening services around the Kingston area. Visit their website for more information.