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Archive for November 2018

Do you practice good oral hygiene? Do you honor your dental appointments? If the answer to the questions above is no, your chances of suffering teeth decay and other oral conditions are very high.

Teeth that are severely damaged by tooth decay can be saved through root canal therapy other than entirely removing the infected tooth. Extracting the affected tooth is a painful procedure and will be linked to problems with adjacent teeth and to the jaw bone.

Root canal therapy is your best option since it will save the tooth and get it back to working condition. You will definitely end up saving up on total costs through a root canal rather than getting the extracted and thereafter seeking to get a prosthetic tooth.

Conditions That Will Necessitate Root Canal Therapy

The following are conditions that will necessitate root canal to save the affected tooth.

Tooth Decay That Reaches Pulp

Dental pulp is the innermost layer of your tooth. The pulp is found at the center of the tooth and comprises of connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Decay will cause cavities in the tooth and when left unchecked will reach the pulp to cause damage to the living tissues and incessant pain.

A high number of cavities in your tooth will be translated into greater the chances that the pulp will be affected. Lack of proper management of tooth decay and infection of pulp may lead to the loss of the tooth. Root canal treatment by Hedgewood House Dental will save an affected tooth. Proper dental hygiene through brushing twice every day and flossing at least once a day will help in preventing tooth decay and damage to the pulp.

Abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth is an infection that normally persists at the root of the tooth and between the tooth and gum tissue. The abscess will have originated from the pulp or the innermost chamber of the tooth.

The tooth will gradually lose its ability to get rid of the infection and the bacteria will accumulate in the pulp chamber at which point symptoms will be noticeable. The spread of the infection in the chamber will cause it to exit through the apex of the tooth. The abscess is simply an accumulation of pus which may be composed of dead white blood cells, tissue debris, and bacteria.

Possible causes of the infection in the tooth include failed dental treatments such as crowns, dental cavities, an accidental blow, and trauma due to grinding and clenching.

Tooth Injury

Tooth trauma affects both adults and children often leaving victims in extreme pain. Teeth may experience a severe blow in a car accident when playing sport, or due to a simple fall. The after effects of such severe blows include concussion, disorientation, nose or ear bleeding, dizziness, headache, and memory lapse.

In other times, the removal of a tooth may cause injury to the adjacent teeth. The severity of trauma to the tooth may lead to inflammation of the pulp chamber which predisposes the tooth to an infection that spread through the pulp chamber affecting nerves, nerve endings, and blood vessels.

In all these instances, root canal treatment becomes necessary to save the tooth and to get rid of an infection. It is the better choice as opposed to the extraction of the affected tooth. Visit Hedgewood House Dental in Kingston for root canal treatment that will save the tooth and restore function.