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Archive for June 2018

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy
A toothache can make your life miserable. An aching tooth can keep you awake all night, lead to severe headaches, cause paralyzing pain in the mouth and present problems when you eat.

Toothaches are often caused by tooth decay which is the infection of the pulp in a tooth. Root canal therapy is aimed at cleaning out the infected pulp from the tooth to save the tooth and to allow you to live more comfortably.

Understanding Root Canal Therapy
Root canal therapy or endodontic therapy refers to a series of treatments performed on the pulp cavity of an affected tooth. An infected pulp cavity leads to severe tooth sensitivity and severe pain. The root canal will get rid of the infection and aim to protect the decontaminated tooth from future infection.

Root canal treatment is solely focused on the infected pulp cavity. Infection to the pulp may be brought about by deep tooth decay, a crack on the tooth, trauma to the tooth, repeated dental procedures, and a faulty crown. Trauma may damage pulp even without visible signs of cracks or chips on the tooth.

Procedure Involved in Root Canal Therapy
Root canal therapy will begin with the careful removal of the inflamed or infected pulp and thorough cleaning of the pulp cavity. Once the cleaning is completed and the tooth disinfected, the tooth is filled and sealed with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material. Finally, the tooth is restored using a filling that offers better protection or with a crown.

Once completed, root canal treatment should ensure that the restored tooth functions just like the other teeth. The following are benefits of root canal treatment

1. Restoration of sensation and normal biting force
2. Protection of other teeth from excessive wear and strain
3. Efficiency in chewing
4. Maintenance of the natural smile

Root canal therapy is a truly simple and straightforward procedure that is carried out by Hedgewood House Dental in Kingston. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who will evaluate the condition of the tooth and the individual’s health circumstances. The root canal treatment can be completed in one or two appointments depending on the results of the evaluation. Hedgewood House Dental ensures that the restored tooth following root canal therapy will last you as long as other natural teeth in your mouth.